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Submitted for your consideration are three (3) wire-bound volumes containing thirty-six (36) LIFE MAGAZINE issues for the year of 1937; beginning with the March 08 issue, and ending with November 19th.

There's a ton of stuff in these magazines, but I'll do my best to describe some of it. First, the ads are incredible and run the gamut from Soup (literally) to Beech-Nut gum - and everything in between. All the usual suspects for "new" cars are here, including some relics like, Nash, Studebaker, DeSoto, and Hudson Terraplane. GMC, International Harvester, and Auto-Car Trucks are well represented, too.

All the Cigarette manufacturers of the day are here, but my favorite is a full page cartoon ad featuring HOF Slugger and former NY Yankees 1B-man, Lou Gehrig, for Camels. Other ads include Pullman, Old Dutch Cleanser, any number of Whiskey distillers (Johnnie Walker, Seagrams VO + Crown Royal, Rose, Green River, etc), and Ex-Lax - yum! - to name a few.

The hot stories of the day are covered in spades. There's great stuff on the Hindenburg Disaster at Lake Hurst NJ, including brutal pics of survivors and victims(!). Hitler and his Youth, plus a story/pics on 200,000 American Nazis(!), Mussolini, Japan and "Mob" hits in America - in graphic detail.

On the lighter side, there is completion of the Golden Gate Bridge, accompanied by some breathtaking pics! All the Hollywood stars; Shirley Temple, Mae West, Olivia de Havilland, Leslie Howard (both would be even bigger stars, in less than two years, upon release of "Gone With The Wind"), Gary Cooper, etc, etc.

Baseball is represented by Dizzy Dean and his brother Daffy, Bob Feller (getting his HS Diploma!), Red Rolfe, Babe Ruth (great ads!), etc.

CONDITION - Very Good to Excellent! Truthfully, this is a Very, Very Nice collection. Covers of all thirty-six (36) magazines are extremely CLEAN, and fully intact. Pages likewise, save for mild toning on some edges, but nothing out of the ordinary for 80+ year-old vintage mags. There may be the obligatory address label, discreetly affixed to lower rear spine, here and there; barely noticeable. Professional Volume Covers FULLY INTACT with short splits at top ends that do not effect integrity. The three (3) binders are Permo No. 100 Binder, manufactured by American Binder Co., NYC, NY. They are thick, durable and come complete with embossed "LIFE " in Gold on Front Cover and Spine. You won't have to do a thing, aside from enjoy the magazines.

I have a ton of pics, so please don't hesitate on that request.

Price averages out to under $5.00 per issue, with all covers intact, in three (3) bound volumes!

Price is FIRM @ $150.00/cash. Buyer to pick up in Concord NH.
LIFE Magazine
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PostedJune 07, 2018

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